Anadolu Efes was fined for violating practice rules

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Giannis Askounis

01/Dec/22 10:46

Euroleague Basketball issuing a €20,000 fine to Anadolu Efes spills in the aftermath of Ergin Ataman criticizing ELPA

By Johnny Askounis/

Anadolu Efes was fined €20,000, Euroleague Basketball announced Tuesday.

Per the press release:Anadolu Efes Istanbul has been sanctioned with a fine for the amount of €20,000 for non-fulfillment of the obligations contained in the EuroLeague Framework Agreement under Article 24.2.i) of the Euroleague Basketball Disciplinary Code in relation with Clause 13 of the EuroLeague Framework Agreement.”

The violated clause concerns working conditions, specifically practice and games, included in the EFA, EuroLeague Framework Agreement, regulating the relationship between clubs and players of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague. The historic collective agreement between Euroleague Basketball and the EuroLeague Players Association was signed before the 2021-22 season.

The head coach of the reigning back-to-back EuroLeague champions, Ergin Ataman, recently revealed his team was under investigation by ELPA for holding players to additional practices in Istanbul during the recent double-game week. “The EuroLeague Players Association is very disturbed by this situation,” he commented.

Playing a couple of games in Italy, the Istanbul outfit scored respective wins against EA7 Emporio Armani Milan and Virtus Segafredo Bologna to even the season tally to 5-5. Reverting to Turkey’s BSL and featuring numerous players not traveling to Milan and Bologna, Efes rolled Manisa last Saturday and went up to 6-1 at the domestic level.

“No one can interfere in our internal affairs,” stressed Ataman challenging the investigation, “No one can interfere with who we recruit or who we train.”

Back in action for Round 11 of the EuroLeague Regular Season, the team coached by the experienced Turkish tactician is set to play host to Olympiacos tonight (18:30 CET), Thursday.