Facundo Campazzo’s agent: “I imagine that he will receive a new offer from Europe”

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Cesare Milanti

02/Dec/22 12:34


After being cut by the Dallas Mavericks, Facundo Campazzo’s agent talks about a possible return to Europe for the Argentinian playmaker

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Facundo Campazzo’s run in the NBA has come to an end. After playing with the Denver Nuggets for two years, he joined the Dallas Mavericks but his adventure next to Luka Doncic lasted only one month.

His agent Claudio Villanueva has spoken to 3×3, a program of the Argentinian basketball platform Uno Contra Uno Web.

Right now, they are waiting for an offer to appear. “The reality is that if he doesn’t play in the NBA, he will in Europe. There are not many teams in the world that can hire Facundo. He is confident, and so am I, and we will have to wait. Today, if you ask me, I would not be interested in any NBA team, I imagine that Facundo will receive a new offer from Europe, where he can continue to develop”, he said,

Then, he went on to talk about a possible return to Real Madrid. “We automatically think that Madrid may be interested, but at the same time the club already has a well-equipped team, which has guards and playmakers, and then it will be a question of them possibly wanting to add a player in that position”, he added.

Finally, he said that an offer for Campazzo came from Russia at the beginning of the season. “I would say that Russia would have the doors closed. I think there is no possibility now. At the beginning of the season, there was a call, but the reality is that today is something extremely difficult. If the teams eventually return to the Euroleague, which would be better news because it would mean that this idiocy of the war is over, we would talk about it, but today it is very complicated that it can happen”, Claudio Villanueva said.

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