Campazzo has a EuroLeague offer and Real Madrid has the last word

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Aris Barkas

03/Dec/22 12:51

Facundo Campazzo is on the verge of returning to Europe and Real Madrid has the right to match any offer made to him and sign him

By Aris Barkas/

After losing his spot with the Dallas Mavericks, Facundo Campazzo is near a return to Europe with Real Madrid monitoring the situation and having the last word on where he will play.

The Argentinian is a game-changer on the EuroLeague level and as Eurohoops can confirm, his side already has an offer from a EuroLeague team until the end of the season.

As it was also reported by Chema DeLucas in the Spanish show “Vamos” of Movistar Plus, Campazzo has the option of returning to the old continent.

However, what’s really intriguing is that this offer doesn’t come either from Milan or Fenerbahce.

Both clubs have dismissed the notion that they are pursuing the player, with Milan insisting that they just did their due diligence on his case and Fenerbahce, which in the summer was more than interested on his case, needing no addition at the moment, as the GM of the club Derya Yannier clarified recently talking to the YouTube channel of his club.

However, there’s a lucrative offer on the table for Campazzo for another EuroLeague team which will change its status with his addition.

And here comes the tricky part. Real Madrid has the right to match the offer made for Campazzo and sign him. Plus Campazzo still owes money to Real Madrid from his NBA buyout, which he has largely paid from his own pocket.

That’s why Madrid remains a key player on his case, even if Campazzo can end up elsewhere. Things are moving fast and soon the player will be back in the EuroLeague, even if at this moment it remains to be seen where.