Sasa Obradovic on Zeljko: His guidance helped me a lot to understand some things

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Bojan Brezovac

05/Jan/23 11:23

Sasa Obradovic spoke about Zeljko Obradovic before his game against Partizan in Belgrade

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Another big game is scheduled in Belgrade as Partizan Mozzart Bet hoast Monaco in round 17 of the Euroleague. Both teams have a coach Obradovic on their bench. Partizan with Zeljko, and Monaco with Sasa who talked to Mozzart Sport about his relationship with the legendary coach.

It’s hard to scout a team that has I don’t even know how many systems (laughs). I remember through my playing career and cooperation with Zeljko how much you had to be focused in those months in order to learn everything. It’s not only foreigners that make Partizan, it’s first and foremost a good team game. We have focused on the main characteristics of each player. We know what the main things are, but in relation to the coach’s unpredictability, perhaps we can expect a somewhat different offensive game,” says Obradovic and continues:

As for us, we had to recover from a very difficult December for us and now we need to get back into the rhythm. We’ll see what that looks like. We are ready, but the question is how we will manage in, more than any tactics, the atmosphere that is in the hall“.

Sasa Obradovic was Zeljko’s player during the nineties in the national team of Yugoslavia.

His demandingness as the main characteristic and his great dedication, which can be seen in every training, decided me to be who I am. I think I made a good move. Here, I have been a coach for 18 years. The part I had under his guidance helped me a lot to understand some things. The fact that I was with the best players and he was the best coach is a quality that you can use a lot. In new circumstances and a completely different understanding of basketball and life, you can use it to some extent. As far as Zeljko and I are concerned, the most important thing is that we can adapt to various situations, countries, players…

Zeljko congratulated Sasa on everything he is doing with Monaco…

It is a great honor for me that I will be able to compete against the best of all time and a coach whose accomplishments throughout his career will be difficult to match.

He spoke about Tyler Dorsey.

It is difficult to change the mindset of a player who has set his sights on being in the NBA and wants to wait for that ten-day contract. Just look at the case of Tyler Dorsey, who is wanted by several teams in Europe, and he doesn’t want to leave the US, he just wants to stay there. In my opinion, it is a very fortunate circumstance, no matter how much money you have, that you can bring a player, a real player who can change your season. For Crvena Zvezda, for example, it is the Argentinians. It’s hard to expect that every team can find a player who can have such an impact on the season,” concludes Obradovic.