Yabusele in danger of getting a four-year ban from the EuroLeague

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Aris Barkas

28/Apr/23 08:51


With a total of 21 players being ejected in Game 2 of the quarterfinals series between Real Madrid and Partizan, the punishents are expected to be harsh, especially for Guershon Yabusele

By Aris Barkas/ barkas@Eurohoops.net

After the biggest brawl ever in the history of the EuroLeague the question for Game 3 should be how many players from each team will be able to get on the floor.

Considering what happened, the incidents per EuroLeague disciplinary bylaws can be considered as “serious infrigements”, which include “physical aggression against a member of the officiating crew, another Individual, the public, a fan, or any person in general”.

For this kind of incidents, the sanctions are the following:

a) A fine ranging from 30,001 euros to 280,000 euros.
b) Prohibited access to the arenas and/or participation in Euroleague Basketball competitions, games and/or events for a period from one to four years.
c) Temporary disqualification from the Euroleague Basketball competitions for a period from one to four years or for three or more games.
d) ) Permanent disqualification from the Euroleague Basketball competitions.

The Euroleague Basketball Independent Disciplinary Judge will examine the report of the referees and of course the video to decide the sanctions, however the notorious bodyslam of Guerschon Yabusele with Dante Exum being the victim stands out.

In theory, the 27 years old forward may be even banned for life, however considering that this is an extreme sanction, provision b seems to be more appropriate. After all, considering also the age of the player, the maximum of a four-year ban practically equals to a lifetime ban from the top European competition.

The verdict of the disciplinary judge will be announced today.