Maccabi Tel Aviv will reportedly have only 150 fans in Monaco for Game 5

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Cesare Milanti

07/May/23 11:00

The Israeli blue-and-yellow team won’t have the same support as Game 1 and Game 2 in Monaco

By Eurohoops team/

Following the crushing victory in Game 4 by Maccabi Tel Aviv, their series against AS Monaco will be decided with a do-or-die in Game 5, which will be played in the Salle Gaston Médecin Arena.

Unlike what happened in the first two games of their best-of-five series, where 600 hundred Maccabi Tel Aviv fans loudly supported their team, in Game 5 Oded Kattash’s team will have only 150 supporters on AS Monaco’s stands.

As reported by multiple Israeli media following the decision of letting 450 fans travel to Monaco, the Monagasque Principality changed its mind, allowing only a third of the promised amount, which will be used by Maccabi for its fans, officials, and the families of the players.

It appears that this decision came after Maccabi fans caused chaos through the streets of Monaco during their on-the-road stay for Game 1 and Game 2.

PHOTO CREDIT: Maccabi Tel Aviv