Dzanan Musa “What happened, happened and we are not happy about this”

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Aris Barkas

18/May/23 21:15

Dzanan Musa and Real Madrid are getting ready for the “Clasico” in Kaunas, being a different team after the playoffs series against Partizan

By Cesare Milanti/

KAUNAS– Real Madrid became the first team to reach the Final Four, after losing 0-2 in a playoffs series and Dzanan Musa didn’t hide behind his finger when he was asked on the matter.

As he said, when asked on the matter, without mentioning the now infamous Madrid brawl, he admitted that this incident change the series and his team: “We became very close after that. What happened, happened and we are not happy about this of course. But I am happy we are here. It’s something that brought us together and we continue to grow, hopefully winning the semifinal tomorrow and going to the final”.

Of course, Musa, a member of the All-EuroLeague team, “would trade any individual awards for the EuroLeague title” and he knows that his opponent is no joke.

Barcelona is a formidable opponent and Musa admits it, even if there are no predictions on a Final Four: “They are a great team with a great coach. We have to be focused for 40 minutes. In “Classico”, especially in the Final Four semifinal, everything is possible”.