Dzanan Musa and Fabien Causeur on Bartzokas’ take over domestic players

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Cesare Milanti

20/May/23 20:22

Both Real Madrid players commented on Georgios Bartzokas’ take over the lack of new domestic players

By Cesare Milanti /

KAUNAS, Lithuania – During the Championship Game Press Conference, Georgios Bartzokas said that nowadays in Europe “there’s a lack of production of new domestic players” and that “this is a big problem“. Following Real Madrid‘s practice ahead of the big final against Olympiacos, both Dzanan Musa and Fabien Causeur talked about it.

“I agree completely. You see every young talent by now going to the NBA at a young age, trying to prove themselves over there”, he first said, having a very early NBA experience in his background. “I think we should pay more attention to domestic leagues and to young talents, to give them more attention and to bring them better coaches to teach them how to play basketball. It’s very important for guys like this to stay in their country. Coach Bartzokas is very experienced, and he said the right thing”, the Bosnian 23-year-old added, agreeing on the matter.

“I went two days ago to watch the ANGT tournament. I watched Real Madrid against Zvezda, and I feel we have a lot of young players and young talents”, Fabien Causeur started saying. “Then it’s very complicated for the Top-4 teams because there are so many games during the season and I feel it’s hard for them to include these players in the rosters. They need playing time”, he added.

“I feel like as a young player what I wanted to do was play minutes: that’s how you learn, how you make mistakes, and how you get better. These young players need to go to the low level and it’s hard for them to make it to the team with so many professionals. However, I feel we have talent and we have to use it”, the French shooting guard finally stated.