Chus Mateo: It seems that you are working only if you win

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Antonis Stroggylakis

21/May/23 23:27

Chus Mateo talked about the adversities his team overcame before winning the EuroLeague.

By Eurohoops team/

Real Madrid coach Chus Mateo looked back at the long 2022-23 season and the ups and downs his team went through before the EuroLeague championship game vs. Olympiacos Piraeus and winning the ‘Undecima.”

“A lot of ups and downs during the season but had a very happy ending with this trophy,” Mateo said. “I can say that I’m very proud of the spirit of these guys because they kept together when things were going back. They always believed they could win. They never surrendered and something bad happened to the team: injuries or defeats, the team was brought together more and more and more. and when things went worst we fought even more.

Real beat Olympiacos thanks to a mid-range jumper by veteran superstar Sergio Llull with three seconds remaining. “In the end, we were able to beat a basketball machine like Olympiacos with a last shot with a Sergio Llull shot. The only points Sergio Llull made was to win and for me, that was like a dream.”

Mateo also tipped his hat off to Olympiacos and coach Giorgos Bartzokas. “For me that’s very exciting. It’s not easy to talk too much. I only want to say congratulations to Olympiacos for an amazing season with a head coach like Giorgos Bartzokas. what he did. he’s a gentleman at the benches. I’m sad for him, of course, I’m happy for my team because Real Madrid won but I’m sad for him because his team played amazing all season and probably deserved it probably the same as us.”

I’m proud of my staff fighting from the beginning of the season day by day,” Mateo added. “Only if you win it seems that you’re working.”

“Of course, I’m also proud of this family that the Real Madrid team is,” Mateo then commented before talking about the problems his team had to overcome. “They fight together against too many injuries, problems, and defeats we got in the way. we were able to react after the 0-2 vs. Partizan. we were able to come back to Μadrid. we were able to come back in Game 5 vs. Partizan, it was amazing. we were able to beat Barca in the semifinal and today we were able to beat one of the best teams ever like Olympiacos. For me all the respect for my players because they deserve it. they fight. they never, ever surrendered and I’m very happy for them. very proud of them.”

Real Madrid center and Final Four MVP Edy Tavares gave some great praise to Mateo in the presser. His coach, that went emotional when he heard his player’s words, didn’t feel like talking about this a lot.

“I respect a lot all opinions,” Mateo said. “I want to live in the moment. I don’t want to think ahead of next Wednesday that we play in Spain against Real Betis and we have to win again. We’re going in front of our fans that they deserve this victory too.”