Marshall Glickman steps down as EuroLeague CEO

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Cesare Milanti

05/Jun/23 21:34

Marshall Glickman won’t be EuroLeague CEO anymore after his contract expires

By Aris Barkas/

The interim CEO of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Marshall Glickman will leave the company after his contract expires, on July 31. The decision was announced with the following statement:

“Euroleague Basketball Acting CEO Marshall Glickman has announced he will step down from his role as CEO following the expiration of his contract on July 31, 2023. The Euroleague Commercial Assets’ Board of Directors will reconvene in the next two weeks to discuss his potential future role in an advisory capacity and the next steps to retain a new CEO for the organization”.

After just a season in his position next to Dejan Bodiroga, Marshall Glickman didn’t have the support of the huge majority of the EuroLeague clubs.

Per Eurohoops sources, the possibility of his contract extension was the only subject on the table. Ultimately with Glickman understanding the situation, his decision to step down was the natural evolution of things.

After all, in theory, Glickman until now remained interim CEO and didn’t get an extension to his deal. The question remains who is going to be the next CEO since the clubs-shareholders are already working towards finding a replacement. Meanwhile, Dejan Bodiroga keeps his position as the EuroLeague president and he was never under question.