Pablo Laso: “I didn’t see the Euroleague final, nor have I seen the ones I won”

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Nikola Miloradovic

09/Jun/23 15:25
pablo laso looks on real madrid head coach

The former Real Madrid coach acknowledges that he did not see the final of the Euroleague conquered by his former team

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Real Madrid lifted another European Cup this summer, its 11th in history but the first in the modern Euroleague era without Pablo Laso in charge of the team.

The coach from Vitoria explained in an interview with Carlos Sánchez Blas, which will be broadcast this Saturday on Onda Madrid, how he experienced the title achieved by what was his team until last summer in the Final Four in Kaunas.

First of all, I am very happy for the people I love. How can I not be happy that Tavares wins the European Cup? How can I not be happy that Chacho, Llull, Rudy, and people I have worked with won the European Cup? I’m happy for them, by all means. It would be quite absurd on my part. I live it as just another Madridista,” Laso said.

However, despite feeling very Madridista, Pablo Laso now sees the matches differently, from a much more analytical point of view, and is focused on his profession. Still, he admits that he has not seen the final against Olympiacos.

I have seen it as a professional. During the season, I have dedicated myself to watching the games to be very detached from the result. I am very happy that Real Madrid won the Euroleague because I have many friends there to whom I wish the best. And the best thing is to win the Euroleague. The game? Well, honestly, I didn’t watch it. I haven’t even seen the ones I won. I consider that they are not games in which I learn a lot. I have seen actions and Llull’s basket, for example; how can I not see it? But they are not games in which I learn so much. This already happened to me as a coach“.

Perhaps the strongest figure that came out of the Undécima conquest was that of Chus Mateo, who was much discussed until the title in Kaunas. Laso also spoke about his relationship with the current Madrid coach:

If I thought that because they are my collaborators or assistants, they already have to be friends, I would be wrong,” he replied when asked if his relationship with the current Madrid coach fractured last summer. “The thing with Chus is very simple. When they called him and told him he was going to take the team, what was he going to do? It’s his chance; I understand him perfectly; how can I not? It would be absurd on my part. It’s an opportunity, and you must take it; I have nothing else to say“.