Panathinaikos targeting Laprovittola, Barcelona aiming for Sloukas

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Aris Barkas

29/Jun/23 11:06

A domino between guards may end up being the case in Barcelona with Panathinaikos wanting to add a second Argentinian player and Barcelona thinking about the possibility of signing Kostas Sloukas

By Michalis Stefanou/

Panathinaikos is still on the market for a point guard, the Greens are following Darius Thompson who is at the moment waiting for an NBA chance and that’s why they also knocked on Barcelona’s door, asking for Nicolas Laprovíttola.

The Greeks also in the past wanted the player and at this point per Eurohoops sources, Barcelona doesn’t exclude anything due to the financial situation of the club. Panathinaikos is offering a buyout of around 600.000 euros and this situation may create a domino effect that has to do also with Olympiacos.

If Laprovittola goes and with Kyle Kuric already gone, there’s a huge opening in the backcourt of Barcelona. This can be filled with Kostas Sloukas, who remains a free agent, hasn’t yet agreed with anyone and he is expected to be one of the hottest names of the summer market.

It remains to be seen, however, if Barcelona decides to part ways with Laprovittola which is the first condition for everything else to happen. However, with Kevin Punter’s deal broking down and him ending up in Partizan, the Sloukas scenario seems even more intriguing.

Meanwhile, Panathinaikos before making the move for Lapro also wanted to lure Jordan Loyd out of Monaco, also willing to pay a buyout, but their intentions were shut down immediately without any kind of negotiations from the side of the player.