Ergin Ataman: “Nothing is impossible. That’s why I am here”

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Aris Barkas

18/Sep/23 21:07

Panathinaikos coach Ergin Ataman once more time talked about the high ambitions of the club for the upcoming season

By Eurohoops team/

Panathinaikos presented the new jerseys for the season 2023-24 in the center of Athens, at the Acropolis museum.

And there was a good reason for doing that.

The new jerseys of the team don’t have the traditional stripes, but the skyline of the Athenian Acropolis with the temple of Parthenon being in the middle.

It’s a symbolic move for the team which includes Athens in its name and Ergin Ataman took the chance to talk not only about the history and the symbols of the city, but also about the history of Panathinaikos.

As he said, paraphrasing the old motto of the sports apparel company that created the jerseys of Panathinaikos: “Nothing is impossible. I’ll start with that. That’s why I’m here. We have high expectations. I want to say that it is a great honor to be in this Acropolis museum. Until now I didn’t have a chance to visit the museum. It has a long history. The Acropolis is the symbol of Athens and not only, but of the whole world”.

Ataman added: “All the history that Panathinaikos has built over the years is the work of the Giannakopoulos family. The president, Dimitris Giannakopoulos, has undertaken to continue the legend of the team. I’m excited to work not only with him but with everyone in the club. Panathinaikos is the biggest sports brand in Greece. This year’s jersey is the first that will have the Acropolis on it and this is a big responsibility”. 

Kostas Sloukas added: “I am in awe of being in this place. I must say that the day is special. It is a historic moment that the Acropolis appears on the jersey of Panathinaikos. This is a great inspiration and a very nice shirt. I wish it brings us luck”.