Ettore Messina: “I would like to do it like Mourinho”

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Aris Barkas

17/Nov/23 00:12

Ettore Messina talked about the critisim he gets after the bad start of Milan’s season

By Eurohoops team/

Ettore Messina and Milan got a crucial win over Anadolu Efes and he explained what happened the last few days in Milan, talking also about the meeting he had with owner Giorgio Armani.

The Italian coach who is also the President of Basketball Operations of the club has the full trust of the ownership and he values this kind of respect.

As Messina stated: “I didn’t want to resign. I discussed whether he still had faith, even in the organizational model. Although, whoever wants to understand it, he has already understood it. However, when in doubt, I went to ask. He has always had nice gestures towards me, not just when we win. His trust is the most important thing when there is a rumble, but above all for the team”.

Messina also addressed those who talked even about resignation after losing two days ago to Virtus Bologna: “To all the cowardly and disgusting people who insult you without mentioning your name, I would like to do it like Mourinho and tell them ’35’, like my titles, more than one per season. But the most important thing is for the players, to make them feel in a nice environment and make them calm in the most difficult moments. Then maybe we can win at the end of the season, as happened last year .”