Jabari Parker: “Basketball is bigger than the NBA”

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Aris Barkas

30/Nov/23 17:32


Jabari Parker is enjoying the EuroLeague and doesn’t hide his feelings about it

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

“Basketball is bigger than the NBA. Basketball is global”.

Jabari Parker moved to the EuroLeague for Barcelona last summer, he already talked about his motivation and try to explain while talking to the official EuroLeague website,  especially to the US audience, that basketball is more than the NBA.

As he said: “Ever since I was young when I was watching the Olympics and seeing other teams like Spain and Argentina, I knew that no matter what part or stage of my career, I wanted to play at the best level, no matter where I was.”

Speaking specifically about the EuroLeague, Parker adds: “I love the EuroLeague. It’s very competitive, it’s guys who play basketball the right way and the environment [atmosphere], most importantly, stands out. I just want to do what I do best, but most importantly it’s all about winning. When we win, it takes care of all our problems and as long as I am a byproduct of our team’s success, then I’m happy.”

“I say the NBA and the EuroLeague is like night and day,” he notes. “It kind of reminds me of college playing here in Europe: every game is counted for.It can either build you or break you and it matters when you play in certain tournaments and for bragging rights. We not only have a rival in [Real] Madrid, but we have rivals everywhere we go and that’s how serious it is.”