Barcelona thinking about coming back playing to Palau Sant Jordi

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Cesare Milanti

28/Feb/24 14:29

Following Ricky Rubio’s return, the Catalan side is considering moving once again to Palau Sant Jordi to play in the EuroLeague

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In one of the most surprising moves in the EuroLeague’s recent history, Barcelona brought back the club’s iconic playmaker Ricky Rubio, who came back to the court with the Spanish national team in the 2025  EuroBasket Qualifiers after temporarily stopping his basketball career.

After having officially registered the former Cleveland Cavaliers player to its roster, the Catalan side is now considering coming back to play in the old Palau Sant Jordi, which hosted the club’s matches in the early ’90s.

Sending a survey to its partners, Barcelona asked the following: “In price conditions similar to the current ones, would you be willing to go to the Palau Sant Jordi (Montjuic) for some important games?”. The reason is simple: trying to fill more seats in crucial matches.

The seating gap is huge between Barcelona’s current venue Palau Blaugrana (7.585 seats) and the old arena located in Montjuic, Palau Sant Jordi (16.670), which hosted the 1998 EuroLeague Final Four, the 2003 EuroLeague Final Four – won by the Catalan team led by back-to-back F4 MVP Dejan Bodiroga -, the 2011 EuroLeague Final Four. It’s also rumored to host the upcoming 2025 EuroLeague Final Four.

Moreover, deciding to move once again to Palau Sant Jordi would mean complying with the EuroLeague regulations, which obliges all teams in the competition to play their matches in a pavilion with a minimum of 10.000 seats, a requirement that has historically been unfulfilled.

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