Edy Tavares on his future: “I hope to stay at Real Madrid”

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Cesare Milanti

21/May/24 23:15


The dominant center spoke ahead of the 2024 Final Four in Berlin

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Last year he came back from Kaunas with the EuroLeague title and the Final Four MVP after an impressive weekend for Real Madrid. This season, Edy Tavares wants to repeat history, thinking those might be some of his last games with this team.

Speaking to AS about his future with the reigning champions, he kept his situation with Chus Mateo’s team clear. “I hope we reach an agreement and I stay in Madrid. Here I am happy, my two children are from Madrid, and we love the culture, the city, the way people are”, he first said.

“[I love] what Real Madrid represents, how things are overcome in the club, the spirit and the desire to win as we have seen recently in the Champions League against Bayern [Munich]. It fills me so much to be here and makes me better because you can not relax, you must always give the maximum to win. You never know, but I hope I stay”, the dominant center added.

Touching on a difficult season for him both in the EuroLeague and in the ACB, he reflected on his current status. “This is the season in which I have missed more games, but now I feel comfortable playing. I enjoy it more since I don’t think about how well I need to do things. I focus on the fundamentals, on defense, which has brought me here, and on offense, I try to take advantage of situations”, he said.

“I feel great physically, especially compared to other seasons when I have been burned to the end. The fact that the team did so well has given us some breathing room, it has allowed me to focus more on my recovery. I will give it all”, the Capeverdian veteran spoke before last year’s Final’s rematch against Olympiacos.

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