Georgios Bartzokas following the loss to Real Madrid: “I can’t say we failed”

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Cesare Milanti

25/May/24 00:42

After losing to Real Madrid, the Greek head coach reflected on an impressive run from Olympiacos

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BERLIN, Germany – After coming off short in 2022 and 2023 to the last shot, respectively against Anadolu Efes‘ Vasilije Micic and Real Madrid‘s Sergio Llull, this year Olympiacos was eliminated from contention in the semifinals from the solid defending champions.

Talking in the post-game press conference, Georgios Bartzokas touched on his team’s trajectory this season. “It was the end of a European dream this year, where we had to overcome a lot of problems and issues. We had the bad luck of playing against Real Madrid, which is in great shape”, he opened.

Then, he addressed his team’s sloppy start in the first half. “I’m sad because we didn’t start the game the way we should. They found the confidence to shoot the ball really well. And then we took just three offensive rebounds. I don’t wanna say we were scared, but we didn’t have the right approach”, he added.

In the second half, they tried to come back, but it wasn’t enough. “In the second half, we tried with our principles, but it was difficult. I’m grateful for all the team. It shows what kind of club we are. I can complain a bit about the first half, but the effort from my team the whole season was amazing”, he said.

He also touched on the fact that his centers only attempted one shot combined. “It is strange. I don’t say they didn’t try. But playing against [Walter] Tavares and [Vincent] Poirier, we should be more ready mentally. This is not the right approach. I think we have one of the best frontlines in the Euroleague with Fall, Milutinov, Wright, and Petrusev. Today, for some reason, they couldn’t help us as much as we wanted”, he said.


Commenting from far on his team’s trajectory from 2022 on, Georgios Bartzokas feels satisfied enough. “Our team has probably the lower budget from the 8-9-10 best teams in the Euroleague, I can’t say we failed. We overcame a lot of things to play for our jersey, for our team. When things will calm down, we will realize it’s still a successful season. We gave everything to be here”, he had.

“It’s not easy for us to make three Final Fours in a row. Every team that loses in the Final Four is getting back to the home country and thinking about what they should do better. This is sports. Mostly is more disappointments, it is more bad times than good ones”, he said. “I have to make sure we don’t come back home sad, embarrassed. We have to raise our hand and continue working as we do”, he ended.

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