Nick Calathes leaving Fenerbahce and Nigel Hayes-Davis already missing him: “We are like Oreo”

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Aris Barkas

12/Jun/24 23:42

Nick Calathes confirmed that he is leaving Fenerbache, without mentioning Monaco and Nigel Hayes-Davies admitted that he will miss the “white chocolate”

By Eurohoops team/

The worst-kept secret during the last stretch of the season was that Nick Calathes had already signed with Monaco for the next two seasons and during the celebrations for winning the championship title with Fenerbahce, both Calathes and his teammate Nigel Hayes-Davis confirmed that the Greek guard is leaving Istanbul.

While nobody confirmed Monaco as Calathes’ destination, at this point everything is already agreed upon and nothing can change.

Nigel Hayes-Davis said to “beIN Sport” after the game for playing with Calathes: “Our first year was a disaster. It was the worst year of my career. We got through it together, this guy helped me. I love Nick very much. I was selected to the All-EuroLeague Team thanks to him. He’s my big brother”.

Hayes-Davis didn’t hide around the bush for talking about the future: “I’m very sad that he is leaving. He makes me much better. At least he’s leaving with the championship. We left Barcelona by losing. We’re like Oreo with dark chocolate and white chocolate”.

Calathes added: “I’m so happy to be around such a group, we were like a family. We were like family. Everyone can play very well with us, we are such a team. Of course, I’m a little sad, I loved playing in front of these fans. At least I think I left on good terms. I am very grateful for this opportunity that Fenerbahçe gave me.”