Milos Teodosic: “My game hasn’t changed much over the years”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

15/May/16 12:21

Of course it is different and at the same time… not so different if you catch my drift”, said the CSKA Moscow point guard it to Eurohoops

Reporting from Berlin: Antonis Stroggylakis

For the first time after 2012, Milos Teodosic’s Saturday practice in the Final Four didn’t have the character of a preparation for a third-place game, but for the title game. “Of course it is different and at the same time… not so different if you catch my drift“, said the CSKA Moscow point guard it to Eurohoops. “What matters is that we are preparing for one big match tomorrow and I think that we are ready to play one very good game”.

What does Teodosic think about his opponents in the final? Fenerbahce is a team that has been improved each and every year and that occured in this season as well. They are becoming one big team”

During the press conference for the Final, Zeljko Obradovic commented that Milos, cares for the benefit of the whole more than in any other season of his career: “I respect coach Zeljko Obradovic‘s opinion of course. I was always trying to play the way I play now. But I don’t think my game changed so much during all these years”.

CSKA Moscow has lots of freedom in its game, while Fenerbahce looks more bound to certain rules. Does Milos Teodosic agrees with that? “We base our game on lots of details and some strong principles. Yes some players have freedom to act and this is good for the team. But I don’t agree that we are just about that”.

Check out what else he talked about for the upcoming Final: