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“I was mad at myself, but I always believed…”

16 May 2016 2016-05-16T14:33:30+00:00.

Aris Barkas

- 16 May 2016


Writing from Berlin: Nikos Varlas / varlas@eurohoops.net

Milos Teodosic finally got to smoke a victory cigar in a Final Four and shared it exclusively with Eurohoops!

He was labeled “looser”, but in the end talents takes revenge. This was him time, before the next challenge, the VTB league title and leading Serbia to the Rio Olympics.

As he said: “I honenstly can’t believe it that we won. Maybe in one month I will realise what happened. I am really very proud because it was a very hard game and I am really proud for my teammates and their character. We have matured as a team and we deserved it”.

However, this game was also about himself: “All those years when we were losing in the Final Fours and I had some good game, I wanted to prove something only to myself. I was mad at myself, I was happy at my seld and I don’t have anything else to say, because I believe in myself and I will continue to believe”.

Enjoy the Milos’ show…