Ekpe Udoh: “I am Nigerian, I have never been to Cuba”

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Aris Barkas

22/Feb/17 11:59


In one of the most peculiar stories of the last days, Ekpe Udoh had to write on his blog that he is Nigerian and never been to Cuba.

By Aris Barkas/ barkas@eurohoops.net

Just days after visiting Kemal Ataturk’s memorial during the Turkish Cup Finals, Fenerbahce‘s center made a post in his blog Euro Angle titled “did you know” and wrote the following things about him.

  • My grandfather was seven feet tall
  • I won a state championship in high school my junior year
  • My parents wouldn’t let me play football
  • I am Nigerian
  • Only met my grandparents once before they passed away
  • Favorite rapper is Jay Z
  • I’ve never been to Cuba
  • My first car was a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder
  • Red Velvet anything is my favorite dessert
  • My favorite book is The Alchemist
  • I don’t like dogs
  • I want a pet monkey
  • I end my nights with singing
  • I hate you when people write articles without doing proper research

And the context is quite interesting. An article in the Turkish newspaper “Sabah” written about Udoh “revealed” that he is Cuban, so the key points in Udoh’s post are that he is Nigerian, never been to Cuban and the punchline: “I hate you when people write articles without doing proper research”.