A new era for Fenerbahce

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Antonis Stroggylakis

29/Apr/17 16:46


Fenerbahce is expected to enter a new era under the wing of Dogus Group something that will catapult the team’s strength to unprecedented heights.

By Bugra Uzar/ info@eurohoops.net

The already reported interest of multi-industry company Dogus Group to emerge as a leading sponsor of the basketball branch of Fenerbahce will soon turn into an official deal that is expected to be finalized in the upcoming weeks.

According to exclusive Eurohoops sources, there are only some details remaining for the three-year sponsorship agreement to be sealed and signed. One of them is the matter of the team’s official name and whether it will change in a fashion that will include “Dogus” in it.

Dogus Group will cover half of the total budget of Fenerbahce that will be pretty much skyrocketed. To what lengths? Enough to make them the richest basketball club in Europe with obvious implications for the team’s roster that will become even more powerful than it is now.

Earlier today, Fenerbahce president Aziz Yildirim confirmed the talks himself during an economical congress of the club.

“We are in talks with Dogus Group,” said Yildirim. “We are talking but nothing is finalized yet. We are working for walking together. We gave our sailing branch to Dogus Group. During the last three years, we had a budget of 26 million euros. At the same time, we have an income for about 12-13 million euros. All top teams have this kind of budgets. If you have big budgets you can acquire big players and so it could effect achievements.”

“And what will happen with Darussafaka”, you might wonder. The club won’t participate in next season’s EuroLeague and therefore its budget will see a considerable decrease. However Dogus will continue inhaling money into the team with an expected budget that will create a highly competitive roster for Eurocup. That’s where Darussafaka will most likely compete next season with the purpose of winning the trophy and returning to EuroLeague in 2018/2019.