Rodriguez: “There’s no betrayal, there was no open spot in Madrid”

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Aris Barkas

28/Jul/17 11:59

Sergio Rodriguez returned to Europe but not for Real Madrid. The former star of the “Whites” is now the leader of CSKA Moscow and spoke about his decision for the first time.

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Rodriguez was presented to the press yesterday and the most interesting of his quotes come from his interview in the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo“. “El Chacho” explained why he didn’t returned to Madrid.

As he said when asked about the Spanish fans who call him already “traitor”: “My relationship with Madrid has always been great. Being in a place for so many years, with everything I have achieved … I will always have great memories and I will be part of Madrid’s lore. I understand the circumstances. I had to expect something from the NBA that could convince me or attract me. When things did not go in the direction I would want, yes, there were talks with Madrid, but they had completed their roster and there was no open spot. They talk to my agent for the future, but they said that this summer they could not sign me. I do not understand why this is a betrayal, the best option to compete for all titles this year was CSKA Moscow“.

And one more Rodriguez admitted that he would like to stay in the NBA, but CSKA Moscow as more than a great alternative: “When the season ended, yes I wanted to stay in the NBA. I’ve always said that. I thought there would be better deals for me there. But the market was different from last year and the offers did not give me the stability of being more than a year in the same place. I already lived in Philadelphia and I loved it, but I think that at the moment I can not set a goal in the short term. Many players my age have been given these contracts, for one year, and it was not worth it. I wanted professional and personal stability. CSKA Moscow was a great option. I was impressed by the desire they had to have me. It would have been hard to turn it down”.

And the Spanish star is ready for the challenge of CSKA Moscow: “In the NBA I was in the best league, playing against the best every night. Here it’s different. You play to win in May and everything else is a failure. It is what coach Itoudis has transmitted to me. The circumstances fit my game well. That pressure will do me good”.