Vidorreta: “Jerrels was ‘hot’ in OT”

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Dionysis Aravantinos

15/Nov/17 23:28

Both coaches shared their thoughts and opinions on the double overtime game between Valencia and Milano.

By Dionysis Aravantinos /

After an unbelievable game in Valencia where AX Armani Olimpia Milano‘s got an impressive double-overtime victory over the Spanish squad, coach Txus Vidorreta and coach Simone Panigiani shared their opinions on their respective teams and the game.

Coach Vidorreta’s comments after his team lost to Milano in double overtime:

“It was a tough game, two overtimes, and it is a bad moment for us that we lost the game. We had the lead for 38 minutes and finally in the second overtime, we lost one game with a great advantage in the third quarter, “ he stated. “We did not take advantage of our advantages and in the last quarter, we missed open shots, three-pointers and near the rim. Jerrels was the key for Milano, as he was ‘hot’ for the Italian squad in the fourth quarter and extra periods. In the second overtime, we could not even make free-throws. We lost and we now have to be ready for the next game in Barcelona.”

Coach Pianigiani’s comments after the game:

For his three-guards system: “We have to adjust. This was our gameplay to finish the game with three guards. We have to fight in defense as we did today like that and we can stay with this type of line-up for other times as well.”

For Goudelock: “I don’t know his condition. Probably a muscular injury but I don’t know, he will take some medical tests.”

Moreover, he commented on the free-throws: “I asked my players to be smarter as they have to understand that these free-throws are crucial for the game. We give them too many chances to stay in the game with these many fouls.”

He also commented on the team’s position: “It is not about the position and the ranking. We started the season with CSKA, Madrid, and Fener. For a team like us, we do not have to look at the rankings. They (players) are happy when they win, their work ethic changes and we do not have to panic when we lose. We have to become better, create the right mentality and make our jobs easier.”