Vidorreta: “The key to success is focusing on the humane treatment of players”

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22/Nov/17 14:28

At 51 years old, Txus Vidorreta is making his debut in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague this season with Valencia Basket.

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A self-described “player’s coach”, Vidorreta believes that enjoying the game and the job is a key to winning. He talks to EuroLeague about how to create a good team atmosphere, especially as a newcomer to an established club like Valencia.

“Scouting has taken over in modern basketball, but the psychological aspect of the game continues to be arguably the most important issue to building a successful team. In the end, at this very high level, when it comes to big competitions like the EuroLeague and the Spanish League, you are supposed to have some certain level of basketball knowledge. What makes the difference for those coaches that make it to the top and stay at that level is the humane treatment of their own players. That, I think, is the secret to reach your goals at this level”, the 51-year-old coach notes.

Vidoretta explains how the atmosphere plays a key role in winning, especially during demanding weeks with two or more games: “A good atmosphere always helps. Sometimes, players are kind of waiting to see what their coach prefers. We are all very demanding, that’s a given, but some coaches have a high level of discipline and others think it is more important to let things flow, especially when you think that you will be working with the same group of players for many months, travelling around and dealing with the intensity of each competition you play. I am a demanding coach when it comes to tactics, working hard in practice, physical skills, even my players’ diet and controlling their schedule, trying to make them be responsible. On the other hand, I like to have a lot of harmony when it comes to working and living together.”

As mentioned, he considers himself a ‘players’ coach’: “Of course, a good atmosphere help to win games, and the other way around. I am a EuroLeague newcomer this season, but I have also been coaching for 36 years. Throughout my career, I have been considered a players’ coach. In general, players feel comfortable with me and how I treat them, what we share as a team and how we get along, which is very important.”

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