Fabien Causeur: “It’s always difficult in Athens, we must stop Calathes”

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Evaggelos Papadimitriou

24/Nov/17 11:59


Fabien Causeur talked to Eurohoops for the OAKA derby, between Panathinaikos and Real (24/11, 21:00). The French guard stated that Nick Calathes must be stopped if Real wants to win. Read also what he had to say about Doncic, Zisis and Strelnieks.

By Eurohoops.net/ info@eurohoops.net

Real Madrid faces Panathinaikos in Athens and the Greek side wants to increase its winning record and Nick Calathes wants to continue his great shows.

One of the players who will face the leader of the Greens is Fabien Causeur, who talked to Eurohoops for the big OAKA match.

The 30-year-old spoke about the upcoming game in Athens, Calathes, Doncic, as well as two Bamberg ex-players, Nikos Zissis and Olympiacos player Janis Strelnieks.

-What do you expect tonight against Panathinaikos?

“It’s a very tough game on a tough court and in a tough environment. Panathinaikos haven’t lost at home yet and they play very aggressive basketball, so we expect a tough game.

-What are the ”keys” of the game tonight?

The rebounds and the capacity to play good defense on their team. Calathes is making a lot of problems for every opponent. He’s a great passer. I expect a tough game and we’re going to have to play very well to win there.

-Panathinaikos is unstoppable in OAKA, while last season has only one loss. Do these facts make your mission more difficult?

I believe every game in the EuroLeague is very tough, each one is different but of course in Athens it’s always very hard to win. We’re going to have to give everything we have for 40 minutes to come back with a win.

-Is Calathes the most dangerous player of Panathinaikos?

Calathes is giving them a lot of creativity. He almost got a triple-double in the last game so we know we’re going to have to play good defense on him. The point is we don’t want all of them to have a good game. We need to win our matchups and we have to figure out how we can win.

-Real has lots of serious injuries this year. How do you face this situation?

It’s not easy, we’ve had many problems from the beginning of the season, especially with our big men, so everyone on the team needs to step up and help out, especially with the rebounds, because we will have to run and without the rebounds we cannot do it, so we have to push.

-Is there any favorite of you in this year’s EuroLeague?

I believe it’s too early to pick a favorite. We all know that some teams are always at the top but I believe it’s too early. Everybody can beat anybody right now. I believe in January or February we will have a better idea.

-You’re a new player this year in Real. Are you satisfied with what you have given to the team so far, having increased responsibilities due to Llull’s absence?

Yes and no, because it depends on the game. I mean, I’m satisfied if the team is winning. At this point, we’ve had some ups and downs in the season. We’re trying to fix the little problems we’ve had in the last two weeks but the team is doing well so, I’m happy with how I’m doing right now but I can do better.

– You were a teammate in Bamberg with Nikos Zisis and Janis Strelnieks and you made an excellent season. How’s your relationship with them?

They are great guys and great players. They help me a lot, on and off the court. I have a great relationship with them. We stay in touch all the time, especially with Nikos. He even helped me discover Athens last year, so he’s a great friend.

-Everybody talks about Luka Doncic speaks all. What can you say about him?

The future will tell whether he has limits. Right now he’s playing great. He’s giving us a lot. He’s still a young guy, he still has to improve and learn but I’m sure – everybody knows – he will have a great career. But he’s still human so he needs help and we are here to help him. And it’s a team sport so everybody needs each other.”