Pablo Prigioni: “Maybe NBA can be an option”

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Alex Madrid

07/Dec/17 17:44

Pablo Prigioni talked for the first time after resigning from Baskonia.

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In his first interview after stepping down from Baskonia, Pablo Prigioni talked about his last days in Vitoria, his decision to leave the team and his ambitions that also include coaching in the NBA.

I was not surprised by the results. In the day to day, there were times that I was very comfortable. Others times in which I was uncomfortable. I knew that everything was part of a process and I realized that it was a matter of time,” Prigioni said to Basquet Plus.

I began to think how much the club could be damaged to develop me as a coach. When we lost with Valencia, I was already thinking about this. I don’t deserve more time than other coaches. I was making the club ‘pay’ for my development“.

Baskonia players tried to change Prigioni’s decision: “What the players did was wonderful. Some of them came home after my resignation. They tried to make me change my mind. They were traveling that day and they all came before going to the airport. The truth is that… my pants fell off.

At times it’s a bit difficult to watch the team play, but it also makes me happy because I’m still talking to a lot of players and I’m glad they won some games and put everything on track“.

Prigioni’s future plans might include a position with an NBA team since he revealed that he received some invitations by clubs from the best league on the planet.

I will try to go to the NBA because some teams that have invited me to spend time with them. Maybe that can be an option: be part of a staff for next year. I prefer to be an assistant in the NBA rather than in the Euroleague or in the ACB”.

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