Bartzokas: “The technical foul I received was not fair”

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Dionysis Aravantinos

14/Dec/17 22:06

Coach Bartzokas did not understand why he received a technical foul, as according to him he just asked for an offensive foul.

By Eurohoops Team /

Unicaja Malaga managed to defeat Khimki Moscow in a much-needed win and after the game both coaches, Bartzokas and Plaza shared their thoughts on the game.

Coach Giorgos Bartzokas commented on his technical foul and the referees: “I would like to say something about the referee from Belgium. No technical foul for no reason. The audience is warm, they are putting pressure on the refferees but I don’t understand why he gave me a technical foul. He gave a tehcnical foul, as I just asked for an offensive foul. It was not fair for me. Congratulations to Unicaja, we have to look forward now, ” he concluded by saying.

On the other hand, coach Joan Plaza commented on the game: “We are happy for this win. We played against an effective team. They had seven more three-point shots than the two-point shots. They shot 70% from inside the three-point line and were winning the rebounds in the first half. However, we were strong on offense, in the second half we played better, we took some tough shots and made them. Basically, we had a few turnovers, many recoveries, we passed the ball well in the corner. It is a deserved win, and now we have to move forward.”

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