Obradovic: “Something we must change before the start of the playoffs”

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Aris Barkas

05/Apr/18 22:33


Zeljko Obradovic gave credit to his team for finishing second in the regular season, however, he was not happy with the game against Unicaja Malaga.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

According to Obradovic, Fenerbahce must make a specific change before the playoffs, but he didn’t clarify which this change will be.

As Zoc said: “It is obvious that we played two different periods, first half and second half. The way we started the game, we almost finished the game the same way. Loads of turnovers: 21 is a huge number for this level of competition; it is impossible. The game gave me a very clear picture of something we must change before the start of the playoffs. We have some days, but our concentration must be for the Turkish League. On the other hand, I want to congratulate my players for the second position in the regular season. Everybody likes to have the home-court advantage and after tomorrow’s game, we will know what team we will play. Unicaja played very hard during the season and like I said before the game, they deserve to be among the best eight teams in the EuroLeague. Congratulations to them, they played a really good game tonight. And of course, thanks to our people for the nice atmosphere.”

Unicaja Malaga’s coach Joan Plaza added: “We wanted to try to be ninth. It is true that we are out of the playoffs but we lost at least 10 times by one, two or three points. We know that we are a really experienced team but not in this format. We wanted to be competitive even in our last game. This is our real motivation. We appreciate Fenerbahce and know that they have the best coach and one of the best teams in Europe. It was a challenge for us. It is logical that their priority is to focus on the next goals. They are going to try to be in the Final Four and that requires to be in good shape, so probably they were thinking more on the next game than on us. I know that Zeljko always tries to win any kind of games, even when you are at home playing cards. They are a winning team but we need to learn how to have this character in Malaga.”

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