The process of Panathinaikos leaving the EuroLeague

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Aris Barkas

12/Apr/18 18:14

While Dimitris Giannakopoulos announced on Instagram that Panathinaikos is leaving the EuroLeague, this is not going to happen without the club paying a penalty and after the end of the season.

By Aris Barkas/

Dimitris Giannakopoulos wrote on Instagram that Panathinaikos is returning to FIBA Competitions. However, the Greek club is expected to finish the season in the EuroLeague and compete in the playoffs against Real Madrid and in the Final Four, if they get qualified.

The EuroLeague is not going to take any further action than to impose the byrules and their consequences either to the club or to Giannakopoulos personally.

If Giannakopoulos and Panathinaikos insist on leaving the league, then a legal process will start and the club is obliged to pay a penalty of 10 million euros since Panathinaikos has signed a ten-year contract with the EuroLeague and IMG, the investor of the joint venture in which Panathinaikos is also a shareholder.

Until this happens, Panathinaikos remains part of the EuroLeague.

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