Granger: “If you want to beat the champs, it’s important to be healthy”

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Aris Barkas

24/Apr/18 14:39

Jayson Granger is expected to be back for Game 3 of the playoffs between Baskonia and Fenerbahce and he wrote about his return on his blog in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague site.

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Granger admitted that being hurt in the most crucial part of the season was a nightmare: “”Not being able to play the last couple of games has been really hard for me. I am having a hard time watching Baskonia‘s playoff games on TV. This is the greatest part of the season and not being able to offer a helping hand is eating me alive. Things like this happen and we are working hard, as much as possible, to see if I am able to play in Game 3.

I have had a lot of injuries related to my left foot this season: bursitis, tendinitis, and I already sprained my left ankle three times. On Friday before the playoffs, I was just practicing with the team and I stepped on Rodri [Beaubois]’s foot and that was it. I had a torn ligament in my left ankle and had to use crutches for a week. Still, I am trying to speed up the process to see if I can offer a helping hand in Game 3.

We are down 2-0 in our playoff series. If you want to beat the reigning EuroLeague champion, it is important that all of us are healthy and ready to contribute, because that can help us play a better game against them. It is never easy to play on the road in front of thousands of people, against the EuroLeague champion, and I think we paid a high price of our lack of experience in the first half of Game 1. We kind of respected them too much and were not aggressive. We improved in the second half, but came up short in the end. It was not enough to come back. Game 2 was completely different; we were aggressive, but made a couple of turnovers and missed some open shots in the most decisive moments, and a team like Fenerbahce always capitalizes on that”.

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