Khimki Moscow protested the result against CSKA Moscow

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Aris Barkas

27/Apr/18 23:12

Khimki Moscow region protested the result of the game against CSKA and the whole situation will be reviewed.

By Aris Barkas/

The end of the game between CSKA Moscow and Khimki Moscow Region was controversial, Khimki’s coach Giorgos Bartzokas talked about what happened in the press conference and the whole situation is expected to be reviewed by the EuroLeague.

Khimki protested the result and didn’t sign the scoresheet. However, the game was stopped because Tyler Honeycutt had asked for a substitution before the last possession of CSKA Moscow. That’s why the final shot made by Khimki didn’t count and the refs went to instant replay in order to reset the clock to 5,7 seconds.

The question is if the substitution was canceled on time by Khimki, or if a mistake was made by the crew in the scorers’ table.

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