Navarro and Barcelona negotiating about his possible retirement

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Aris Barkas

22/Jul/18 14:56

The end seems to be near after a career of 20 years for Juan Carlos Navarro.

By Aris Barkas/

Juan Carlos Navarro is already a legend and we may have seen the last of him on the basketball courts in official games.

Since Friday night Catalan media reported that the decision of Barcelona to not include him on next season’s roster is final and today, local newspaper “Sport” reports that Navarro and the club are negotiating his possible retirement.

While Navarro himself had said that he wants to play for one more season, Barcelona is offering him the chance to remain part of the club, but not as a player. According to “Sport”, if Navarro and Barcelona agree on that, there will be a tribute game to honor him, probably before the start of the season. In that game, he will have the chance to say goodbye on the court.

Last year, 38 years old Navarro signed an honorary 10-year contract with the club. However, that contract included the provision that each summer the player and the club would evaluate together Navarro’s future in the team roster.

Juan Carlos Navarro together with Pau Gasol are the flag bearers of the Spanish “Golden generation”. Navarro’s accolades include him being the all-time EuroLeague top scorer in the modern era, a two-time EuroLeague winner, a two-time Eurobasket champion, a FIBA World Cup winner.

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