Bartzokas: “When I learned about Honeycutt’s passing, I couldn’t speak for three days”

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Antigoni Zachari

30/Sep/18 15:21

Georgios Bartzokas opened up about Tyler Honeycutt’s passing for the first time.

By Eurohoops team /

Khimki’s head coach Georgios Bartzokas reminiscents the late Tyler Honeycutt, who tragically passed away this summer.

“He was a kid from Los Angeles. He came from a sunny place, a different kind of life than the one in Moscow, with this kind of weather and stuff. Something was torturing him”, Bartzokas tells to Greek media novasports.

The shock of his passing took a toll on the Greek coach, as he explains. “When I learned about his passing, I couldn’t speak for three days. It wasn’t just the big shock of the tragedy and the sadness, but also I didn’t expect this to happen at all.”

The saddest part of Honeycutt’s passing was the fact that he never showcased any sign of sadness, Bartzokas mentions. “When I asked Anthony Gill [who stayed with him in the same room during road games], he said that he never understood Tyler was feeling sad or depressed. He was an outgoing person, an incredible guy, he didn’t have any dark side in him, he was never aggressive.”

“His passing casts a shadow over the team”, Bartzokas concludes.

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