Juan Carlos Navarro jersey retirement ceremony

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A few months after retiring, the time has come for Juan Carlos Navarro jersey to hang from the rafters of Palau Blaugrana.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

The time to retire Juan Carlos Navarro’s jersey has come and the ceremony was held before the start of Round 24 EuroLeague game between Barcelona Lassa and Real Madrid.

The initial date to ‘hang the 11’ from the top of Palau Blaugrana was the 25th of November before the El Clasico on Day 10 of Spanish League but it was postponed due to Navarro’s father passing away.

“La Bomba” became the fifth Barcelona player whose jersey was retired by the club. Juan Antonio San Epifanio, Nacho Solozabal, Andres Jimenez and Roberto Duenas also have their Barcelona jerseys hanged from the rafters of Palau.

“Thanks, everyone for coming and to the club for this tribute. I had many tributes these days but the one I really wanted to see, the most exciting and important in my career, being here, at the Palau, with our fans, my family and my people. That is most important,” Navarro said from center court. “When I was a little kid, and my father put up a basket hoop in our back yard, not even in my best dreams I would have been able to think that my jersey would be here, forever, at home, in Palau, in front of us. This is why I want to thank Vanessa [his wife], Elsa, Lucia [his daughters], my mother, my brothers, who got me into basketball, this beautiful sport, and above all to you, Dad [pointing to the sky]. I leave with a lot of memories – all good – many teammates and friends, and truth to be told, I had an excellent career. I have always tried to give everything for this club, and I will miss you. Thanks a lot to those who came from far away, and to you all for coming tonight way before the game, to share such an important moment in my life. This is something I will always remember, one of the best moments in my life. Thank you very much, Visca el Barça!”

Here you can watch the ceremony:

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