Vatutin: The average budget for EuroLeague teams is 25.8 million euros

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Giannis Askounis

04/Apr/19 14:09

CSKA Moscow’s president Andrey Vatutin touched on the details of the discussions during the ECA Shareholders Executive Board meeting.

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ECA Shareholders Executive Board members met in Milan, Italy, on Wednesday. Andrey Vatutin represented CSKA Moscow alongside vice-president Natalia Furaeva and afterwards explained through his team’s official site: “We devoted most part of the meeting discussing economic issues.”

He pointed out: “First of all, we talked about the factors of the financial imbalance between the teams that represent nine countries with different economic realities. We continue the search for a transparent financial model that can be implemented for all that can fit all clubs. This season, the average budget for the EuroLeague teams was 25.8 million euros.

The Executive Board members confirmed the previously proposed restrictions setting at 65% the maximum contribution by the owner to the team’s budget. The club should not spend more than the same 65% on players and coaches wages. This should stimulate the development of other components of the sports club.

The VIP seats installed on the home arenas by us and others will be mandatory and if possible a second row will be added. We discussed many working projects including the unification of the fonts of the names and numbers of players and methods of applying advertising stickers on the floor to avoid injuries.

Proposals of the players’ union were also on the agenda, many of which are supported by the clubs and will enter into a collective bargaining agreement.

An important change could be the shift of the calendar dates with the regular season starting earlier than usual and finishing a little later, so that the 18 EuroLeague teams get no more than seven two-game weeks. The first match may take place on October 3rd and the Final Four will be held May 22-24. Final decisions will be taken in July’s EuroLeague General Assembly.”

Photo Credit: CSKA Moscow