Adam Hanga joins The Crossover with Joe Arlauckas

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Stefan Djordjevic

23/Apr/19 16:32

Adam Hanga shared his story with Joe Arlauckas on the EuroLeague’s Crossover podcast.

By Eurohoops team/

Barcelona Lassa’s Adam Hanga joined Joe Arlauckas as they talked on the EuroLeague’s Crossover podcast about his journey from Hungarian basketball to Spain and EuroLeague despite various hardships.

“I felt really disappointed at the moment because until that point my career was just going up and up… I was climbing the ladder. And now I fall. So, what now? I had never experienced a situation like this. What can I do?”, Hanga said about his injury shortly after joining Baskonia.

The 30-year-old forward also talked about the defensive mindset he had to take on and which helped him grab the 2017 EuroLeague Best Defender honors: “When I got back to Baskonia, the coach told me, ‘You have to play defense.’ Okay, if that’s what I have to do to get some minutes, I’m gonna play defense. I don’t care about offense. If I score two points, I’m very happy. But I’m gonna play defense like it’s the last game of my career.” 

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