Jordi Bertomeu: “What happens in Greece will not affect EuroLeague at all”

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Aris Barkas

18/May/19 12:00

With Olympiacos possibly forfeiting Monday’s playoffs Game 1 against Panathinaikos and relegating to the second division, Jordi Bertomeu clarified the situation with the Reds and the EuroLeague

By Nikos Varlas/

VITORIA-GASTEIZ — Olympiacos has a game on Monday for the Greek League playoffs against Panathinaikos, the Reds are not expected to play and if that happens, they will be relegated to the Greek second division.

However, this will not affect their EuroLeague status. EuroLeague CEO Jordi Bertomeu explained the situation: “For us it’s clear. Generally, because we have no influence on national league games and I do not believe that what happens in Greece will affect Euroleague at all. It is very difficult for us to understand what is happening so you can imagine that we are not in a position to solve this issue. I hope for the good of basketball that the whole debate is solved in the best possible way for the sport. Both Greek teams have the ability to be competitive in the Euroleague. This regulation, which says that if a team does not compete in its national league, also cannot compete in the Euroleague, it is purely about competition criteria. If a team is so bad that ends up being relegated due to its results, we have to do something. The Olympiacos case is completely different. We will not apply this regulation to the Olympiacos case if we end up at this point. We will manage it and adapt our regulations”.

Still, the EuroLeague does not have any saying to the future of Olympiacos on other competitions. When asked about the possibility of the Greeks joining the Adriatic League, Bertomeu said: “It is a matter of the club and league, we will not get mixed up, it is something that does not concern Euroleague”. And when he was asked if the Adriatic League can get a second spot in the EuroLeague, Bertomeu denied the possibility: “At this moment I do not think we can have a second team from this league. It is difficult to judge which team has the most stable structure and the best prospects to grow because there are many ups and downs in ABA League clubs. At the moment there is no intention and thought to give a second spot to the Adriatic League”.