Derrick Williams: Team USA with EuroLeague players makes sense

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Giannis Askounis

12/Sep/19 13:56

Derrick Williams has a proposal of how to fix the USA national team

By Bugra Uzar/

Derrick Williams is getting ready for his second season in Europe, and he has a simple solution for the USA national team woes. If the team can’t get the top NBA stars, then maybe US players of top European teams can bring into the table FIBA game experience.

“I watched pieces of the game,” Williams said to Eurohoops on the World Cup quarterfinal between France and USA. “It was a great win by France. Earlier in the week, I was saying that it is good for the global game of basketball even with Turkey going to overtime against the USA. It is good not always having USA favorite to win every single game” Williams pointed out.

“It is big for France and the whole country,” he mentioned underlining, “A lot of people were talking about Team USA and that the NBA players lost, but if you look at France’s roster, they have five NBA players. It was a good game; Rudy Gobert played amazing.”

“Especially in the beginning when everyone is trying out, I think it will be good to get an invite,” the Arizona alum admitted on himself or other players with EuroLeague experience aiding Team USA. “I mean this is going to be my second year in Europe.” 

“It would be great for basketball. It would give a different market for players in Europe that have played in the NBA or are trying to get back to the NBA. It makes sense,” he added. “As you mentioned his name, Cory Higgins is a great player; I consider myself a great player as well. It could be great for adapting.”

“I was watching the games,” explained Williams. “The physicality of a lot of the American guys, they were looking for fouls. In the NBA they would be getting those calls every single time, but in FIBA basketball they were not going to get them.”