Blatt: “Maccabi is one of the teams that can go to the Final Four”

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Aris Barkas

21/Nov/19 19:27

David Blatt talked to Israeli radio about his possible return to coaching and also about Maccabi Tel Aviv and Fenerbahce

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David Blatt gave an interview to the Israeli radio station 103FM in which he spoke about his current medical condition and his battle with PPMS and also about the current state of the EuroLeague.

“At the moment, I am focused on recovering or doing my best to be in good shape while at the same time having the opportunity to enjoy other things,” Blatt said about a possible return to coaching. “If at some point I feel better, then I can return to the bench. I can go back, but I’m not sure.”

As a spectator, Blatt enjoys the season of Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv, which under coach Giannis Sfairopoulos can be considered a EuroLeague title contender again after an impressive start of the season. As Blatt explained: “I don’t want to make big statements, but without a doubt, Maccabi and Barcelona are very well built and play very well. They are among the strong teams in this year’s Euroleague. Also this year I think Maccabi is one of the teams that can go to the Final Four”.

On the contrary, speaking about Fenerbahce, Blatt was brutally honest:Fenerbahce is in a very bad state, and it seems its dynasty is falling. What happens inside and outside the floor is misleading. And I can understand why this is happening. I think the players are tired. In my opinion, Obradovic is the greatest coach of all-time in the Euroleague, but he also seems tired. It is not the same group and does not have the same quality as the older versions of the roster. There is no doubt about that. As a human being from the outside, I can say that they seem to be a little tired and want something new”.