Galatasaray denies existence of 3 million-debt to players

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Antonis Stroggylakis

26/May/16 14:28

According to sources by Eurohoops, Galatasaray owes almost 3 million euros to players that have been part of the team in the past.

By Eurohoops team/

According to Hurriyet, and confirmed by Eurohoops’ sources,  Galatasaray owes a sum of almost 3 million euros to players that have wore the team’s jersey in the previous years.

This has created a transfer ban to the Galatasaray Here is the complete list of debts:

Carlos Arroyo: 1.150.000 dollars to the player and 175.000 dollars to his agent.

Ian Vougioukas: 366.073 dollars and 15.000 Euros as lawsuit payments.

Milan Macvan: 218.000 dollars to the player and 36.620 Euros for other charges.

Pietro Aradori: 218.500 dollars to the player and 42.780 euros for other charges.

Jamont Gordon: 513.500 dollars to the player plus 13.270 euros for lawsuit payments.

Pops Mensah Bonsu: 43.297  dollars to the player plus 7.000 euros as lawsuit payments.

Malik Hairston: 84.867 dollars to the player and 9.833 euros as lawsuit payments.

Aleks Maric: 100.000 dollars to the player and 10.000 dollars to his agent.

Erwin Dudley: 107.750 dollars

Patric Young: 43.500 dollars

Ergin Atsur: 100.000 dollars to the players, and 30.000 dollars plus 37.500 euros to agent.

The Turkish club released an announcement informing that a substantial part of the above sum is covered and most of debts are settled apart from the one to Patric Young.