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Hunter: “Madrid, that’s where I am going to be”

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Aris Barkas

- 01 Jun 2016


By Lefteris Moutis/ moutis@eurohoops.net

“How do you say in Greek that Vasilis has big balls?” Othello Hunter is back to back Greek league champ and in the locker rooms of OAKA the party of Olympiacos had just started.

The American center played throughout the season with no major injuries, a phenomenal exception in the front line of Olympiacos. However he was there until the end, finishing Spanoulis’ passes, fighting for rebounds and getting the title in what was his swan song with the Reds. As he confirmed to Eurohoops, the next stop of his career is going to be Real Madrid, something that was reported almost a month ago.

He will leave, after finishing his job the proper way and being one of the keys that led Olympiacos to back to back championship titles.

Speaking about the Greek league finals, Hunter spoke about the adversities and injuries of Olympiacos: “We had to win. The opportunity is right there! We need to win, we want to win. Mat was down (ed.note: after the first half of Game 4), but we said forget it. We had to play for Mat, we had to play for Giorgo (Printezis), we had to play for everybody. And of course, we had to play for Pat (Young). We have to play for everybody”.

And then comes the future and the question about his next destination. Is it going to be Real Madrid? “Τo be honest to you man, I don’t want to lie to you. Ι think that’s the move I am going make. That’s where I am going to be at, but I didn’t want to talk, or think about it right now. It’s bitter-sweet. I am sitting here with these guys and what we did was magic”.

And how does he feel, leaving his pick and roll partner, Spanoulis: “It’s going to be difficult. He is a great teammate. We connected from day one. He made me better and I fell that I made him better in certain things. There’s will be love and respect no matter what. I am going to text him, see how things are going, I will miss everybody. To be honest I will miss everybody. This is a new chapter in my life, I won two championship with these guys, I will try to win some more and who knows what will happen”.