Adam Hanga: “Μy biggest goal is to establish myself in the NBA”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

07/Jul/16 09:15

Adam Hanga speaks to Eurohoops about how much he wants to be part of the NBA and it remains to be seen when his time will come.

By Nikos Varlas/

The mass exodus of Euroleague players to the NBA is a fact, as also the drastic changes in the roster of Baskonia, which – for the moment – is sending Davis Bertans to the NBA. However, there’s an other player on the roster of the team, also drafted by the Spurs, who still has a contract with the Spanish club.

Hanga is probably the unsung hero of Baskonia‘s season, he is more mature than ever and while he is ready to play one more season in Europe, he doesn’t hide his ambition. As he is telling to Eurohoops, he wants to be part of the NBA and it remains to be seen when his time will come.

You had a great season in which you increased your stock in the basketball market. What is the plan for the upcoming season and generally for your career? Will you stay in Laboral Kutxa? You have one year left in your contract with them, a team that loses many important players.

“For sure my big goal is to play in the NBA one day. I think that my style better fits with the way basketball is played in the US. Of course, I know that the explosiveness and athleticism and I have as a player, won’t make such a difference in the NBA as it does in Europe and Euroleague. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. I work had in order to improve in every aspect of the game. I am happy that I improved my defense. Few years ago, I was a bad defender! Obviously I also want to improve my shooting. Generally speaking, however, there isn’t any part of the game which I underestimate. I want to be better in everything.

I believe that I will play in the NBA one day. But it’s different to go simply go to the NBA than it is to play in the NBA. I want to establish myself there when I make the next step. To be an NBA player that I will play and have an active part. Not someone who just sits on the bench.

We are witnessing a mass move of players from Europe to the NBA. Does that affect how much you want to leave for the States? Or do you prefer to stay in Europe and make the move when your time comes? Let’s say when the circumstances become more mature or you feel totally ready?

“You never know. I am happy that we had such a great season with Laboral Kutxa and for being an important of the team on its way to that. Many say that it is more difficult to go to the Final Four than win it. I have one year left in my contract with the club. So I can stay for one more season and play basketball in the team. NBA is always on my mind, but I like the thought of competing for one more season in Euroleague and the ACB, remaining a member of a great organization like Baskonia. I will continue improving my game.

Surely, a difficult season is ahead of us. It ‘t not easy to repeat what we did last year. Same thing applies for me. I suppose that in the next season I will be an important player in the planning and that there will be demands and pressure. I can handle that and I am excited for ahead of the next challenge. But I also can’t wait for the new Euroleague format! The competition will be much different and we owe to have the same goals and be as competitive as we can”.

How important will it be if you manage to go to the NBA? A Hungarian player competing in the best league of the world and representing his country!

“For sure, it is going to be something very important for me. Only one player from Hungary has managed to be compete in the NBA until now, Kornel David. It will be a great achievement for my country. I spent some time establishing myself in Euroleague and I am not forgetting it, it’s something I cherish. We must set bigger goals each time and climb a level higher. For me the next level can’t be anything else than playing in the NBA. You never know when, and if you are ready, until you try. When the time comes, I believe I will be ready. I am very dedicated to my goal and I know that everything depends on how much I will work for it.

I look and face my challenges one by one. Now I am focused in the efforts of my country’s national team. We have a goal to achieve and that is to advance in a Eurobasket. Something that we have not managed to do in our generation. Afterwards, when I will return to Baskonia, I must have the same season like the previous one. Even better if possible. Personally, I must improve with each passing day. Summers are always important for the players. I want to be continue becoming a better person and a better player and someday I will fulfill my dream of playing in the NBA”.