Perasovic: “The best players and coaches are in Turkey”

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Aris Barkas

23/Aug/16 12:20

Can Perasovic, in his second tour of duty on the same bench, lead Efes in greatness? It’s going to be an interesting season as he said in Eurohoops.

By Bugra Uzar/

After leading Baskonia to the Euroleague final four in memorable season, Velimir Perasovic wants to do the same with Anadolu Efes. The club which once was dominating Turkish basketball, now has top competition in its domestic league and for many season tries to get back to the Euroleague final four.

Can Perasovic, in his second tour of duty on the same bench, make it happen? It’s going to be an interesting season as he said in Eurohoops.

Why did you decide to return to Anadolu Efes?

“I had great relationships with the people when I was here and I was not happy with the way things ended up at my first time in the club. When they called to me to make an offer, I was really proud. Because I really want to do a good job this time”.

What were the key points of your success in Laboral Kutxa? You did a great job there, made it to the Final Four in Euroleague…

“There was great chemistry between the team and we played good basketball in important moments. That’s the key: Playing good basketball in important moments. There are some games in Euroleague season which you win or you go home. You must win those games. Especially with the current quality of Euroleague, you have to be in a very good shape in those games. If you are not, you are out and nobody cares how well you played at the beginning of the season. That’s life for us”.

You are going to find great coaches as opponents in Turkish League. What do you want to say about them and Turkish basketball in general?

“Turkish basketball is taking big steps forward. Definitely the best coaches and players of Europe are here. Zeljko Obradovic, David Blatt, Ergin Ataman, Ufuk Sarıca… These are all great coaches with great careers. But I focus on my job and my team. I only think about how we can play the best basketball we can possibly play. That’s also what we have to focus as a team, nothing else is important”.

A new era is beginning in Euroleague. What do you think about the number of matches you are going to play both in Euroleague and Turkish League?

“It will be tough to manage it with Turkish League, because of the foreign player rule. Some players with important roles in Euroleague will not play in Turkish League or vice versa. This is really hard, especially for the players. We will work very hard to manage it. We will try to make sure players understand every one of them is important. It doesn’t matter, if they play or not. If players understand this, we can be successful”.

Finally, would you say your roster is complete or do you want to add another player?

“We need one more player and we are close to sign him. We are not finished with the roster yet. We are talking with a guard, a perimeter player”.