“Dimitris Diamantidis is rare”

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Coaches Georgios Bartzokas, Dimitris Itoudis and Argiris Pedoulakis spoke about Dimitris Diamantidis during the “Diamonds Are Forever” press conference

By Aris Barkas/ barkas@eurohoops.net

Coaches Georgios Bartzokas, Dimitris Itoudis, Erez Edelstein and Argiris Pedoulakis spoke about Dimitris Diamantidis during the “Diamonds Are Forever” press conference that took place earlier today.

All coaches wholeheartedly agreed to one thing: Dimitris Diamantidis has created a new mindset about basketball to every fan of the game. As Euroleague champ, CSKA Moscow coach and former assistant coach of Panathinaikos, Dimitris Itoudis, said: “It’s obviously an honor for us to be here to play against great teams and honor Dimitris. His attitude has changed everybody’s way of thinking. He has given a whole different dimension to the game. It’s an honor for me to have worked with him. I’ve been with him through his evolution as a player, from Iraklis to Panathinaikos. I’m also proud for his evolution outside of the game. We’ve had talks about family, life and what makes him feel whole as a person. I don’t think he will stay away from basketball, probably because I can’t adjust to this thought. He respected the game and the game gave back to him”.

Giorgos Bartzokas of Barcelona added: “I agree with Dimitris Itoudis. Diamantidis has changed the way people see basketball. What is important and what is not. We were always in opposite sides in Greece but since now I’m not located here and Dimitris won’t be in Panathinaikos, we have the chance to discuss a little more relaxed. I would like to express my appreciation to him and I wish him the best in his life and work.”

Panathinaikos coach Argiris Pedoulakis represented the whole club by saying that “it’s a very special moment for our club. We wave goodbye to the best athlete that has played for Panathinaikos, ever. “The best” not only for his abilities in the game, but his attitude in and out the court. For the faith and devotion he has showed to the team. He’s the guy that made us change our way of thinking about basketball.”

And Maccabi Tel Aviv‘s Erez Edelstein was in a playfull mood: “Fans everywhere and also in Israel love you. So I want to say thank you on behalf of Israeli basketball. And I want to ask you, do you really retire”? Diamantidis smiled and had a simple answer: “Yes”.