The story behind Zeljko Obradovic’s broken tactic board

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Antigoni Zachari

05/Dec/16 13:16

Zeljko Obradovic got a little passionate during halftime in Fenerbahce’s game against Tofas

By Buğra Uzar /

Fenerbahçe’nin başantrenörü Zeljko Obradovic’in kazanma hırsı tüm basketbolseverler tarafından çok iyi biliniyor.”>Fenerbahce head coach Zeljko Obradovic‘s ambition to win is well known by all basketball fans and it is what has made him successful through the years. Along with that, he is very passionate during the games and he doesn’t hide it.

That being said, the coach wasn’t too happy with the performance of his team in the game against Tofas on Sunday and he tried many different ways to motivate his players, even though at the end he did not get the desired result.

During the halftime break, Obradovic shattered his tactic board in the Fenerbahce locker and it was soon after replaced by a new one.

Below you can see the broken board, as documented in the lockers: