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Bertans: “In Serbia we’d get ejected for real fights.”

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Aris Barkas

- 06 Dec 2016


By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

San Antonio wanted to get tough and that ended with Latvian Davis Bertans getting his first ejection in the NBA.

With 1:19 to play in the third quarter at the road win over the Bucks, Dewayne Dedmon tied up Milwaukee’s Greg Monroe on a rebound. Dedmon gave Monroe an elbow. Monroe jostled back. Bertans entered the fray to push Monroe. Milwaukee’s Michael Beasley shoved Bertans. Dedmon and Monroe were issued technical fouls. Bertans and Beasley were kicked out.

Bertans spend the rest of the game in the locker rooms, watching what happened from a television, however the fact that he got ejected didn’t really bothered him as San Antonio Express reports. He become the first Spurs player ejected since Stephen Jackson in 2013 and he explained: “I played in Serbia. It was kind of crazy there. It happened at least once a season. In Serbia, we’d get ejected for real fights.”

Here’s what happened