Fantasy: De Colo is going to make a dynamic return

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Aris Barkas

14/Dec/16 15:14

Nando De Colo is coming back to lead CSKA Moscow’s backcourt. And selecting him in fantasy is the only way to go!

Βy Dimitris Mitrantzas/

Nando De Colo is coming back to lead CSKA Moscow’s backcourt. And selecting him in fantasy is the only way to go!

Before we begin with the analysis of this round, it’s worth turning your attention to the new Eurohoops fantasy tool, which will help you make the changes in your teams so that you can find the hottest names more easily!

Every week you will be able to see all of Eurohoops’ recommendations on it and adjust your teams based on that!

Let’s take a look at this week’s changes. De Colo started attending practice in the last ten days, but now he’s going to be back in action after his injury in the game against Barcelona.

While De Colo was out, Teodosic pulled off his best performances. Something similar is expected to happen now, the other way around. De Colo is definitely going to play a lot, he’s going to take on many attempts, and he can make the difference and put up a big score.

The “downside” was that, last week, Teodosic’s injury forced many teams to line up with a player less, while many also… had it bad with Pleiss or Llull as well.

The Eurohoops team essentially played with eight players because of Teodosic and Pleiss, but we still have plenty of credits (666,68) so we can adjust quickly.

Before we go any further, take a look at the undervalued players of the week, with the list now having been shortened considerably.

Undervalued Price Average Score  Difference
Players pos. Credit Score Keep Value from average
GREEN, ERICK PG 28,2 7,6 1,3 6,28
KORKMAZ, CAN PG 17,3 7,0 1,6 5,38
PANGOS, KEVIN PG 24,1 6,5 1,2 5,23
DONCIC, LUKA PG 39,3 10,2 6,1 4,11
MILAKNIS, ARTURAS SG/SF 19,8 6,4 -10,6 16,94
PANIN, VADIM SG/SF 9,8 3,6 -8,3 11,96
SCHILB, BLAKE SG/SF 33,0 9,2 -2,5 11,67
PAPANIKOLAOU, KOSTAS SG/SF 23,4 6,2 1,7 4,51
ULANOVAS, EDGARAS SG/SF 36,7 9,4 6,6 2,77
KAVALIAUSKAS, ANTANAS PF/C 17,3 5,1 -4,0 9,03
ANTIC, PERO PF/C 20,1 5,7 -1,6 7,32
GABRIEL, KENNY PF/C 25,8 7,0 4,8 2,24
REYES, FELIPE PF/C 37,2 9,5 7,3 2,23
THOMPSON, DEON PF/C 17,1 4,4 2,5 1,89
ARAR, EGE PF/C 10,4 3,0 2,2 0,83

The first to go after Teodosic is Will Clyburn, who is inconsistent and with Darussafaka is going to be tested against Real. The third player to go is Georgios Printezis. Not because he didn’t do well in the last round or because he doesn’t have the potential for a big score in Kaunas against Zalgiris, but because Vesely, Brown, and Pleiss look like they’re going to play more, they have a higher “ceiling” in fantasy, and are going to generate a bigger profit in the credits.

With 205,9 credits available, the ideal additions aside from Nando De Colo would be Erick Green (he’s going to get a lot of playing time and attempts after Hackett’s injury) and Johannes Voigtmann, but we exceed the limit by 0,5 credits. So, we are going to choose a different duo that can also make the difference.

Thomas Heurtel is going to take on an even greater load offensively in Efes without Bryce Cotton, while Gustavo Ayon is getting better and better and looks like he can produce a big score against Darussafaka’s big bodies.

Enjoy fantasy!

P.S.: Check out the fantasy tool by trying out the players you’re thinking of acquiring!

Point Guards
Nick Calathes 73,6 credits (+1)
Thomas Heurtel 46,2 credits
Shooting Guards/Small Forwards
Nando De Colo 102,4 credits
Keith Langford 96,8 credits (-3,6)
Tyler Honeycutt 68,8 credits (-2,4)
Vassilis Spanoulis 65,9 credits (-3,5)
Power Forwards/Centers
Derrick Brown 77 credits (+6,4)
Jan Vesely 52,6 credits (+3,6)
Gustavo Ayon 50,5 credits
Tibor Pleiss 26,4 credits (0)