15/Dec/16 17:14

Messina: “Teodosic could easily play in the NBA”

15 Dec 2016 2017-07-06T22:52:04+00:00.

Aris Barkas

- 15 Dec 2016


By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Milos Teodosic of CSKA Moscow is having a stellar season and would be a free agent in the summer. So is it time for him to try the NBA?

That the question posed by “60 seconds more or less” and the answer but his former coach at CSKA Moscow and also assistant of the San Antonio Spurs Ettore Messina is impressive.

As Messina says: “Nowadays Teodosic is a far different player from who he was three years ago, and even more different, than six years ago… He is a more mature, a player who has finally won the Euroleague. He has improved himself it’s out of discussion that offensively he is read. The concerns are about his defense but he is a smart player and he knows how to avoid trouble. My opinion is that he could easily play at the NBA level, it’s up to him… Obviously, at least at the beginning, he won’t make the big money he is used to get in Europe but speaking in terms of talent, there is no doubt that he could compete at a high level”.

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